Declaration of Victory – Day 4

Some addictions and medical conditions are manifestations of demonic oppression. Medical attention, therapy, counselling & self-control are sometimes NOT ENOUGH get complete recovery and restoration.

Such conditions sometimes require fasting, prayers, study of God’s word, deliverance and declaration of victory to break free. Words are sometimes like swords, they break chains.
Speak these over yourself today:

God is rearranging things to favour me. He is exchanging things to deliver me. I am not a candidate of demonic oppression. I walk in faith and freedom

I am the head & not the tail. I will not fumble, falter or fail.
I engage grace for greater peace & joy. Life is becoming more comfortable for me.

Declare this & share with your friends. Download a free copy of Whispers of Winners here

Remember that your words are potent enough to make your world wonderful and your life beautiful.

What are you doing differently this year? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Published by Adeleke Adeite

Adeleke is a poet, songwriter, author, tech enthusiast and life coach. He holds a bachelor's degree in Economics Education from the University of Ado Ekiti Ekiti State, Nigeria and a Master's degree in Measurement and Evaluation from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He strongly believes that there is a garden of greatness in everyone who must be watered with words and fertilized with faith. He is passionate about building positive mindsets in everyone around him. He can be reached via

2 thoughts on “Declaration of Victory – Day 4

  1. An incredible piece of writing again. “Words are sometimes like swords, they break chains.” Your words break free our spirits from gloom and encourage us. I hope all of us spend a good year.

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