Declaration of Victory – Day 2

Words shape our world. The kind of words you speak to people can make them cheerful or feel awful. Your soul needs the right words to attract bliss and blessings. Make it a point of duty to say beautiful things over your life this always.

Say these over your life: 
This year will be my best & sweetest year so far.
I will enjoy a greater supply of milk & honey in every area of life.
I will enjoy greater wealth, wisdom & wellness.
I have daily access to God’s blessings, bliss & beauty.

Remember that the words you speak are powerful, they are potent enough to make your life colourful, your family fruitful and your world wonderful. Each of us has the power to use positive words to lift ourselves from the valley of confusion and fear to the mountain of victory.
Speak victory always because you are a champion.

Share your goals for this year in the comment section, let’s agree with faith that they will find expression and become testimonies.

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Published by Adeleke Adeite

Adeleke is a poet, songwriter, author, tech enthusiast and life coach. He holds a bachelor's degree in Economics Education from the University of Ado Ekiti Ekiti State, Nigeria and a Master's degree in Measurement and Evaluation from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He strongly believes that there is a garden of greatness in everyone who must be watered with words and fertilized with faith. He is passionate about building positive mindsets in everyone around him. He can be reached via

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